Our Story


ARTEK started its journey formally in 2014; the idea is to form a well established brand name, which caters to all and every need in the architectural and structural field, was conceived in early 2009. Since then, the group of young, dynamic & hard working professionals of ARTEK has been fast at work. 2011 has been a tremendous year for the company. ARTEK has successfully completed a large number of projects, starting from interior designs of commercial and residential projects, supplying materials and man power needed, providing supervision and support to architectural design of a building.

Unlike other traditional consultants on the market today, ARTEK takes one step at a time. To become the best, one has to understand the small. ARTEK keeps close eye to the intricate details that are ever so important in the business. One successful project is far more important than ten half-done ones. ARTEK understands the moral issues and complicated nature of any project in undertakes. In contrast to the other business in the industry, ARTEK is well aware of its capabilities. "Walk before you can run" is the motto the employees and management of ARTEK lives by.

ARTEK strives for perfection. It strives for pure creativity and uniqueness. Here in ARTEK, creativity is not only encouraged, it is rewarded. And it is done in a very timely manner too! To uphold the strict code of "Deadline Management", ARTEK makes it mandatory for all its employees and team members to work under a stress free yet "Goal Oriented" environment. Not only that, ARTEK has an assorted range of human resources as well, starting from experienced Architects & Engineers to brilliant Business Graduates & Accountants. The reason is to provide all possible support to the ever important clientele.

Not only will ARTEK deliver, it will make it better. Within a short span of time, ARTEK has successfully managed to place its name into the hearts of many content clients. From the very beginning ARTEK went all-out and now its services are being titled as one of the most organized yet flexible, well-timed, subtle and accurate and blazingly original, ingenious and resourceful in the Architectural and Structural Consultancy industry in Bangladesh.

  • values

    No False Promises; Ethical Business Practices & Maintaining Service Quality to the End.

  • business objective
    Business Objectives

    Smart Spend Management; "No Excuse" Deadline Management; "Customer comes first!" mindset.

  • growth
    Growth Strategy

    To expand our service offerings in this sector and become a "ONE STOP SOLUTION" for all your Architectural and Engineering needs (starting from preparing design layouts to furniture sourcing.)


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